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Transforming Organisation into knowledge intensive enterprise

About Us

International Centre For Training And Development Southern Africa

ICTDSA focuses in offering a wide range of high quality short courses aimed at equipping learners at all levels of the workforce with the hard and soft skills needed to improve key competencies essential for on-the-job performance improvement. Our courses are designed and delivered to holistically integrate knowledge, skills, and attitudes into abilities to perform. Our training programs are therefore designed to invoke performance-based learning and assessment criteria.

In designing and delivering its programs, the Institute draws on a faculty directory of over 40 top training professionals across the continent, who between them, possess a wealth of expertise, specialists skills and extensive work experience relating to cutting-edge workplace issues and challenges.

Our Vision
Our vision is to build and grow our institute to become the centre of excellence in organizational, management and human resources development. We recognise the importance of institutional and human capacity development in the establishment of truly independent, democratically and properly governed societies enjoying improved qualities and high standards of living.

Our Mission
For all the executives who come to ICTDSA as participants on one of our programs or who are involved with a ICTDSA training experience or intervention in their country or organization, the institute has only one goal:

“To help managers become better and more effective when they return to their work environment.”

Our focus is on management development in key strategic sectors crucial for the development of Africa. Naturally, the approach taken to achieve the goal will vary from one intervention to another. They will also vary significantly between individuals and between different organizations. And here in lies the special elements of ICTDSA’s strategy on behalf of clients. Firstly ICTDSA’s strength lies in its ability to identify shortfalls in knowledge and skills at organizational and individual level within the region. Secondly, it is ICTDSA’s ability to identify and tap on intellectual surplus and channel it to those who need it most. And, thirdly, it is ICTDSA’s ability to manage the process of transferring intellectual capital and experience.

We draw our skills from the depth of our regional and international experience, to offer our clients what we comfortably refer to as The ICTDSA Experience. We are judged by the quality of our products and services.

ICTDSA strives to give the best in all it can do to ensure that its clients are fully satisfied with the products and services it provides. At ICTDSA we take quality, flexibility and efficiency as given and then look for ways to go the extra mile. You are guaranteed a full professional service from all the staff at ICTDSA.

Conference Facilities
We offer modern training/conferencing rooms with a capacity to sit 15-45 people depending on the sitting arrangement. The training rooms are fully equipped with audiovisual equipment, projectors, whiteboards and comfortable furniture.

Information Resources Centre
Our management information resources center includes books and articles on the latest information on management and development. We aim to develop the resource centre into a regional resource though innovative documentation and enhanced networking among professions and similar institutions. The developments in computers and information technology enable our participants to be linked on the Internet and the World Wide Web. This technological development, the international faculty, the location and facilities, and the mix of participants from different countries make a highly interactive and conducive learning environment.

Some Programmes


To support organizations in their quest for excellence, in order to achieve the highest standards of performance in all sectors of their endeavours by:

  • Developing their people in focused knowledge and critical skill areas targeting performance improvement, through appropriately structured learning packages,
  • Crafting their structures and systems for efficient service delivery through organizational reviews,
  • Undertaking client-driven action research in management and business development through the process-consulting approach.

Our Values

We take special pride in who we are, what we do and how we do it; through self respect, commitment to our work and respect of our fellow employees and our customers. We strive to be a centre of excellence which maintains high quality service delivery through consultation, encouraging feedback and responding both to staff and customer needs. We recognise, appreciate and acknowledge diversities in culture, religious practices, racial differences and are committed to equality for all and universally accepted democratic principles. Our staff are reliable, trustworthy and committed to an organization of integrity.

Operational Philosophy

The institute focuses at working with client organizations for the purpose of transforming them into “knowledge-Intensive-Enterprises”. This orientation is premised on the realisation that the single most key success factor for any organization is competitiveness; in turn competitiveness is anchored around learning organizations. Thus, we create opportunities for organizations to become knowledge-intensive by empowering them to harness the full potential of their employees through carefully designed and rigorously delivered learning programs.

ICTDSA focuses in offering a wide range of high quality short courses aimed at equipping learners at all levels of the workforce with the hard and soft skills needed to improve key competencies essential for on-the-job performance improvement.

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